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Country: TR - FUN

Istanbul, Efeso, Pamukale

Location: 41.02446, 28.988145, TR, İstanbul, Turkey
From: 2005-08-01 To: 2005-08-16
Language: english
Author: PietroPP

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Instanbul is one of the most fashinating city I've ever seen. It has a magic atmosphere. It is a crowded, chaotic, romantic, full of live city. Skyline at night is wonderfull. Food is great. You have to take a tea in a cafè in front of the bosphoro in the sunset. You have to see moschea and Sultan's Palace but also the night zone where every bulding has a disco or a bar and where is difficult even to walk becouse of the people.
Efeso it is a old roman well conserved city. There are a wonderful library and anfiteatro and roman streets.
Pamukale is a Calcarain hill with termal water. The white is everywhere...
I've never seen so many people on the street in a city. They like to live on the street. They talk, they eat, they sell... always on the street.

be carefull of every seller. Traffic is horrible... but at night the city is magic

Author: PietroPP

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