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Country: GB - WORK

Hoogmanay 2008

Location: 55.950254, -3.187606, GB, Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh, UK
From: 2007-12-27 To: 2008-01-03
Language: english
Author: PietroPP

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Hoogmanay is a Celtic word for New Year's Eve. People from all Europe come and see the Edinburgh Hoogmanay with its Celtic dances, concerts, fireworks and beer. Christmas in Edinburgh is definitely an out-of-ordinary experience, bringing you back to thousand centuries ago with its Viking and Celtic revisited traditions.
The old city, overtopped by the castle, has a magic atmosphere. The pipes music goes deep into your soul and becomes the soundtrack of your stay.

Saint Andrew is a small village north of Edinburgh, famous all over the world for its prestigius university (Prince William graduated there) and for its golf courses and museum. In the village there are wonderful ruins of an ancient castle and an evoking cathedral, both streching out the deep grey sea.

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Author: PietroPP

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What I look in your photo in more similar to Cashel in Ireland. Read my article link
Great article and great trip! Happy new year!
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